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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about our Excursions by boat en Mallorca

If among our list of frequently asked questions we do not solve your doubt, contact us here. We will solve all the concerns you have about our services.

What do I have to do to formalize a reservation?

At the bottom of the page of our website, you have a telephone number. And you can make the reservation for both whatsapp and email to From the moment you contact us we will give you all the information about our service, prices and time of departure.

What equipment do I need to take to sail in the sea?

With Azul Excursiones you just have to come with your swimsuit and towel. Our team has all the aquatic material you need to enjoy a day at sea. Whether you are hiking, or want to enjoy our water activities in Mallorca. For example water skiing, and donut fun…

If we are sailing, is there danger to my children, if they fall into the water?

We have life vests, that for minors, are mandatory. Plus the security systems that we have by LAW on board. Being that the excursion is not a race, the tours are made at cruising speed with the sole purpose that our clients can enjoy the nature that the South of Mallorca offers. We always sail depending on the state of the sea and safety. Before each excursion we will analyze the state of the weather and if there was a minimum possibility of danger the tour would be canceled.

Is the tour canceled if it rains or the weather is bad?

It would be canceled if there was a minimal possibility of danger. However, there are clients who do not want to cancel the excursion because it rains, it is more precious to them, and if our patron under the meteorological state guidelines considers that it is possible to navigate, at the request of the client we would sail. As long as it does not endanger the navigators.

Can we get dizzy on the boat?

Normally in summer season and at the speed we do the tour, you will not have any feeling of dizziness … we always recommend our clients who suffer from dizziness to take Biodramina before leaving.

And if I do not know how to swim, but I would like to do some of your aquatic activities in Mallorca such as Sky aquatic, the jumping donut, or swim in the crystalline waters of Mallorca

It’s possible?

Knowing how to swim is an essential requirement for any of our aquatic activities. It is not necessary to be an expert but if you do not know how to swim, or the water is scary, you should tell the monitor to recommend another fun activity for you. We want you to have a pleasant experience.

How long do the excursions last?

The excursions lasts 4 or 8 hours.

The rates depend on the hours:

    Excursion 4 hours the price will be     440.00 € without drink and appetizer     and  490,00 € all incluided.
    Excursion 8 hours the price will be     680,00 € without drink and appetizer     and  780,00 € all incluided.

Do I have to pay for the fuel (gasoline)?

With the boat Azul Excursiones the boat trips: Sa Tramuntana, Sa Dragonera, Illes Malgrats the fuel is included in the excursion. For other activities the fuel is NOT included.

What time is the departure?

 Our schedules are:
    Departure time in the morning at 10:00 a.m.
    Departure time in the afternoon at 2:00 p.m.

What is included in the tour?

In all the excursions it includes: the excursion with explanation of the history of contraband in the Mallorcan coast, fauna and flora. An anchorage with the possibility of diving, the Skipper and all risk insurance. You only have to bring the swimsuit, towel and desire to enjoy.

What if my family is very large, how many people can go on board?

The boat has a capacity of 12 people. But if you come as a family, it will be a maximum of 11 people plus the captain. Therefore we always recommend our clients to book in advance for the amount of reservations we have during the week. The exclusivity of our services makes us different.

Can we come with children? At what age can a child navigate?

With our services you can bring your children, enjoy the sea with children is possible and safe. The minimum age that we recommend is from 3 years of age. When you make the reservation, you indicate the age of your children and we will prepare all the security material for your peace of mind.

Could I take a trip to Cabrera?

Azul Excursiones is not limited to perform the routes you have scheduled. If you want a trip to Cabrera, it will depend on the hours you hire the boat. It is an exclusive service for clients who wish to visit the island of Cabrera. To do this, contact us and we will provide a customized budget upon request.

Is the boat insured?

All our equipment including the boat, is insured at all risk.

Will I pass heat on the ship?

Summer is one of the times of the year that we usually take to spend holidays with family or friends to go by boat in Mallorca, our boat has a protective awning. In addition, our visits to the caves and coves of Mallorca, we always find areas with shade. We advise our clients to take into account the protection for the skin, even though we are going to be protected by the awning. We recommend full or 50 protection use. We assure you that heat will not happen, at sea we find a sea breeze, which makes our day at sea more enjoyable.

Is the boat comfortable to enter and exit?

The boat has a ladder, so that our customers who want to swim in the crystal clear waters have good access to it. And of course when leaving a marina, the customer has an access ramp. Do not worry that we help you.

Do you make excursions in October?

During the fall we can leave if the weather conditions allow it. In fact, we plan to leave until the end of October.

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